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When Brenda takes over

I have started this blog mainly to be able to write instead of letting my mind run away with me. The worse part of bipolar is when it manages to take over and you don’t feel anything but bipolar. See there is me then myself and bipolar Brenda. She’s part of me sometimes we get on great and other times she swallows me whole. I suppose you could say I have been swolled right up in the last 48 hours. It happens it’s one of those things i get that now. However I don’t think there is anything worse with being in your body and having no identification with yourself. I don’t want these posts to be pity party’s if anything I am doing it to watch my progress from being on the floor to the rise. So this is where I am at right now and for the last year I have been up and down more times than the lift a the crown court. Will I always be searching for the middle ground? What’s normal anyway.? No sunshine without rain and bla bla Bla. I love a quote more than anyone but as much a good postive  quote can make you see things different for a day maybe it doesn’t stop the chemicals in your brain. I want to get to know me and myself I know Brenda very well. She’s out stayed her welcome this time I am on the hunt to spend some time with me. So here goes to the first day from full blown on the floor to tiny steps back. I can’t mak her go completely and deep down she’s part of me but I am eager for her to take a rest now. That’s a start isn’t it surely ☺️ Without hope what have we got. Ha couldn’t resist a cheesy quote to end on. 😂


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