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Praying when the ego gets too much ☺️

Today’s practice was a interesting one for me. It’s been a full day of reading and meditating.

The time it came to take a bath with a glass of wine 🍷 I had the overwhelming feeling of I don’t feel all this practice I am doing is moving me forward.

I come out of the bath and this is what I did I sat with my glass of wine on my cushion and I prayed. In fact it was more like me taking to my mate and straight away everything how I felt come out.

I then went straight into meditation I started with a mantra which is known to be one of the most powerful mantras for creativity and taking away negitivity.

Ek ong Kar sat gur prased.

I started to feel lighter and more happiness straight away, then I sat in silence and I let the answers to my prayers come to me.

You see we get stuck in our ego minds even if you meditate every day and read every self help book under the sun we are human the ego is something we have to acknowledged daily. We have to absolutely bring an awareness to the thoughts and feelings because they are creating our reality.

The ego holds onto things it always has to be right and it can really mask are true desires. As we know I am over sensitive so I feel out of alignment when this is happing and to be honest I have all day.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you actually think do i want this or is it my ego that wants this….. because the thing with the ego nothing is ever enough.

You have to start to get really honest with yourself when the ego is becoming more of you then YOU! It can fully take over and it will do almost anything to keep its strength. We naturally will try and fight it , the way sometimes we do this is holding on to past events and feelings. Whatever you choose to think in this monent is creating the next moment.

The only way to change this and drop the ego is to pray and then sit in silence. Your body holds all of your emotions and until you allow them to move through you they will stay stuck and the energy will feed your mind and keep you in the same circle as before.

Those thoughts that keep you the same keep the situation the same keep that person the same are not serving you and they are keeping you stuck.

You can’t just let go and forget because you need to bring a awareness to it you need to become the watcher of the thoughts and the emotions.

I am still very much learning I am far from perfect I am still in a siatuation with the same feelings and anxiety I had towards it a year ago.

What’s the difference I take to my mat and cushion every day and when life gets too much and my ego is in full rage I pray and then I sit.

Whatever your struggling with whatever your mind is telling you the more you play into it talk about it or hold onto it the more or the same we will get.

Bring it into this moment right now where you are sat and listen really listen because when you do you hear something that’s true and you hear something that’s more aligned with your true desires.

If tommorow it happens again then pray again and sit again and keep doing it every day…… I was hard on myself today I am teaching people and I am struggling myself I thought.

Wrong I am going through it and learning and I will forever be learning.

Remember this…… the heart gets what it prays for the most 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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