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Pray into the anxiety 

Tonight’s practice 🎎 ‘pray into the anxiety’So many of us me included spend our lives with subtle undercurrents of emotions that we are not aware of. We spend years trying to just shake it off and push it away. ‘What you resist persist’ We look at something like anxiety and just want it to go instead of surrendering to it and let it be fully here. We look at anxiety that it shouldn’t be here and it needs to be repressed or fixed. Shouldn’t be feeling this it needs to go! We look at all negative feelings and emotions of things that need to be overcome that we shouldn’t be feeling them. (Rebecca Campbell)


If we sit with it and let it fully surface it looses its control, I have learnt this the hard way because I spent years and still do sometimes fighting it and I can tell you now you won’t beat anxiety if you try and go toe to toe with it. It’s not something you will learn in a day and to sit with it or any emotion that makes you feel uncomfortable make your meditation a million times harder. But think of it this way we either accept it and let it be fully here or we run from it and I don’t care if your bolt….. that bitch will catch you. So invite it in sit with it pray with it have a cup of tea with it. It needs your attention you need your attention Take the time 🎎🌟☺️❤️


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